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Wood briquette is manufactured from fragmented wood waste, like sawdust, chips and shavings. The waste is brought together under pressure, without use of any adhesive substances. Low moisture provides wood briquette with higher caloric value than wood. High density of the material makes the combustion process gradual and slow. Our briquette is brick-shaped.


Types: oak briquette,
birch briquette
Characteristics: no artificial additions,
combustion generates low emissions of sulphur dioxide and other harmful substances,
clean and convenient to use,
made exclusively from natural wood, without any adhesive substances,
high caloric value, low moisture, glows for a long amount of time.
Packaging: Available in 10kg or 24kg bags, 10kg – 960kg pallets, 25kg-1,05t pallets
Properties: caloric value ~ 17 kJ/kg
moisture 6%
sulphur amount 0,03%
nitrogen amount 0,32%
hold certificate of the Polish Central Mining Institute, Department of Solid Fuels Quality Assessment in Katowice


  • especially fit for wood gasification boilers
  • perfect for fireplaces and fireplace boilers
  • slow combustion process makes it a great solution for central heating boilers and smaller boiler plants
  • high caloric value allows it to be used in standard and tiled stoves