Packing and products made of plywood

Plywood has many applications and one of them is practical, ecological, one time use or reusable packaging and also different boxes and elements for transport. Plywood is a durable and recyclable material thus makes a good alternative to other materials.


  • Plywood boxes are light and durable. This is a perfect solution for various types of transport in particular air freights where the weight of the box and its content is an important factor determining costs of transport.
  • Plywood packaging is exceptionally tight and durable.
  • Can be designed with a constant access/inspection of the goods thus practical.

So if you are looking for a perfect material for your packaging – plywood is the best choice !!!


  • Plywood packaging and components according to the customer’s design: (box 1) an example of a box for cheese transportation produced for one of our customers; laboratory tests of product and material could be performed on request.
  • Plywood meets international phytosanitary requirements and certified accordingly
  • Crates for air transport (box no. 2): light, durable and practical.