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Sklejki suchotrwałe,
wodoodporne, antypoślizgowe
Sklejki szalunkowe,
Sklejki laserowe
Sklejki modyfikowane
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Finnish plywood KoskiPly 
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That group includes plywood laser for laser machining , for example . The production of dies , plywood modified with other materials such as rubber .: ( plywood vibration damping ), aluminum ( for the production of doors), synthetic foams ( plywood insulation ) and many other materials suitable plywood specialized properties . And also all the other noble plywood veneered wood species of domestic and exotic .


Plywood laser

Plywood construction with highly improved without loss veneer both on the surface and in the core ( such defects disrupt laser cutting process ) . Produced from hardwood ( birch , 100% , 100 % alder, birch / alder ) , MR -based urea-formaldehyde or urea – melamine- formaldehyde ..

Used wherever the cutting elements or patterns used in lasers.

Plywood for deep milling

They have a special shape that allows profile milling , all internal layers in this type of plywood are full, after cutting no visible voids between the layers of plywood

Fire-retardant plywood

Birch plywood , poplar, alder or pine with a higher class of reaction to fire , fire protection saturated impregnation . Plywood is manufactured on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde resin , designed for use in exterior conditions (according to EN 636 ) , meeting the requirements of bonding class 3 according to EN 314-2 , is widely used in construction, transport and railways.
An example of classification in reaction to fire Bfl-s1 and C s2,d0 you will find in the section certificates.

Plywood with rubber

Exterior plywood to build a cross with obłogami ( outer layers ) with birch or alder veneer . The agent may be made from birch or alder veneer . A rubber insert having a thickness of 2.5 or 3.5 mm , located symmetrically in the middle layer of plywood. Plywood has damping properties and vibration damping .

Plywood with a rubber stopper

Plywood with obłogami ( outer layer ) with birch veneer , the inner layers can be of birch wood veneers or alder . Damping insert a thickness of 3 mm , located symmetrically in the middle layer of plywood. The insert is a composite material cork and rubber damping vibrations and noises caused by eg . The engine running . It is a light material that allows a reduction in vehicle weight without reducing capacity and security.

Plywood modelling

Indispensable for the construction of models, durable and lightweight , easy to process (cutting , sanding , gluing and painting ) , has high quality and durability . Does not fray and does not delaminate when cutting . It has a very smooth surface. Available thickness of 0.4 – 5 mm.

Flexible plywood

Flexible plywood is a modern material used in the furniture industry . It consists of three layers of hardwood exotic wood veneers . With its właścicowościom can assign any of the predetermined thickness of the structure and the radius. Its undeniable advantages to be high resistance to fracture , which together with the characteristic flexibility makes flexible plywood is ideally suited as a replacement for more expensive and more difficult to work with boards , MDF cut type .