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Sklejki suchotrwałe,
wodoodporne, antypoślizgowe
Sklejki szalunkowe,
Sklejki laserowe
Sklejki modyfikowane
Systemy szalunkowe
Frezowanie CNC
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Softwood plywood has face veneers from e.g. pine wood, while the core veneers can, depending on the type of the plywood, be made out of deciduous or coniferous wood. Our offer included coniferous plywood made of many different species of wood.


Thickness: 4-45 mm
Quality Grades: I/II, II/II, II/III III/III, III/IV, IV/IV
Format: 1250 x 2500 mm, 1220 x 2440 mm, 2130 x 1250 mm, other – cut to size
Notes: grain system - longitudinal (along the long side of the sheet) or transverse (the short side of the sheet)
Selected quality parameters of different grades in the attachment: Wybrane parametry jakości sklejek w załączniku:



interior adhesive based on urea-formaldehyde resin, to be used in dry conditions (according to PN-EN 636 norm, technical class EN 636-1

exterior adhesive based on phenol-formaldehyde or melamine-urea-phenol-formaldehyde resin, to be used in exterior conditions (according to PN-EN 636 norm, technical class EN 636-3)


Interior plywood:

  • Furniture:drawers, door panels, back walls of cabinet furniture; structural components of soft, office and workshop furniture.
  • Packaging: chests, containers, pallets for special purposes, boxes for many kinds of products.

Exterior plywood:

  • Packaging: chests, containers for exterior use, wooden haberdashery
  • Transport: vehicle bodywork components, yacht structural components
  • Construction: framing, garden architecture, production of joinery, composite doors, windows and floors
  • Furniture: garden furniture
  • Other: sport equipment parts, flooring in sport facilities, playgrounds, climbing walls