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Plywood has many applications. One of more obvious ones is practical and ecological packaging: single use or reusable packages, boxes and transport fittings. Plywood is a durable, and fully recycled, thus makes a good alternative to other materials.


  • Plywood boxes are light and durable, what makes them perfect for packaging of transported goods, especially in case of air forwarding, where weight of the box noticeably impacts transport costs.
  • Packages are exceptionally airtight and durable.
  • Packages from this material can have opened walls and holes allowing constant access/inspection of the packed goods, making them very practical.

To sum up – if you want an excellent material for packages, plywood is your best choice!


  • Packages and plywood components according to client’s design (box no. 1): for storing cheese (an example ready product of our production for storing cheese is presented below); on request we perform tests in a specialised lab. Not only our packages are tested, but also the plywood our clients produce similar boxes from. 
    The plywood holds required certificates and approvals, most kinds have also a hygiene class certifying they are safe. 
    Packages for air transport (box no. 2): light, durable and very practical.