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Sklejki suchotrwałe,
wodoodporne, antypoślizgowe
Sklejki szalunkowe,
Sklejki laserowe
Sklejki modyfikowane
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Film-coated from both sides, usually manufactured on the base of a exterior plywood, deciduous or mixed. Narrow edges of the panel are secured acrylic paint. Depending on the intended application, we offer different types of shuttering plywood, varying in terms of wood used, type of adhesive resin, colour and grammage of the face veneer, and of internal structure. Shuttering plywood certified with BFU 100 and BFU 100G certificates is also available.


Thickness: 4-40 mm
Quality Grades: I, II
Format: 1250mm x 2500mm, 1220mm x 2440mm, 1500mm x 3000mm, 1500mm x 2500mm, available formats and their thickness depend on the plywood type
Other: Cutting to size, milling and CNC treatment


Birch shuttering plywood Reusable, manufactured on the base of birch wood or so-called combi (birch + pine), 670-720 kg/m3 of density, glued with water resistant adhesive on the base of phenol-formaldehyde resin, usually covered with brown phenol film having 167 g/m2 of grammage. Narrow edges painted twice with water-proof paint. A wide selection of formats and thickness available. Perfectly fit to be used in reusable framework shuttering and ceiling systems.

Poplar shuttering plywood Depending on the adhesive applied, can be of single or multiple use. Manufactured on the base of a poplar wood, 500kg/m3 of density, can be glued with phenol or melamine adhesive. Most often covered with a black film, 120g/m2 of grammage, the standard format is 21x1250x2500mm. Used in ceiling systems and as additional fragments added to the shuttering for it to fit the desired size.

PPL exterior plywood Highly specialised plywood destined for long years of work in hostile environment, manufactured on the base of birch 720kg/m3. Glued with adhesive waterproof even in temperature of 1000C, covered with specially modified material basing on polypropylene resin. Perfect everywhere, where high resistance to damage and a lasting durability is required.


Construction industry: formwork systems, wall and ceiling formworks, scaffolds, framing. The main buyers of shuttering plywood are manufacturers of forms for concrete casting, forms for prefabricated construction materials and sett (for which we recommend the plywood with PPL face veneer)

Transport, warehouse and workshop: it is used in many means of internal or external transport, e.g. bodywork elements, trolleys, platforms, parts of workshop or garden furniture, specialised packaging.