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FILM FACED plywood

Birch or Combi Plywood both sides coated with phenolic films. Edges are sealed with acrylic paint. Depending on the intended use, the type of wood used, the type of adhesive resin, color, density of the film and plywood construction we offer various types of shuttering plywood. Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2 class 3 also available with BFU 100G certification.


Exotrade formwork plywood


Thickness: 4-40 mm
Quality Grades: I, II
Format: 1250mm x 2500mm, 1220mm x 2440mm, 1500mm x 3000mm, 1500mm x 2500mm, available formats and their thickness depend on the plywood type
Other: Cutting to size, milling and CNC treatment


Birch Film Faced Plywood

High quality plywood intended for multiple use in formwork, throughout Birch or Combi core (Birch + Pine) density 670-720 kg/m3, bonded with water resistant adhesive on the base of phenol-formaldehyde resin, covered with phenolic usually dark brown film with density 120-220 gr/m2, edges are sealed with acrylic paint. Available in wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Perfect for reusable wall and frame formwork systems.

Poplar shuttering plywood

Depending on the adhesive applied can be of a single or multiple use. Poplar wood core with 500kg/m3 density and glued with phenolic or melamine adhesives. Most often covered with a black film with density 120 gr/m2. Standard size1250x2500mm, 21mm thick. Commonly used in ceiling formwork and as additional cut to size fragments.

Exotrade shuttering plywood

Intermediate quality product between Poplar and Birch plywood. More reusable than Poplar plywood but less than Birch. Eucalyptus and Rubberwood core, glued with melamine based adhesive, film density 125 gr/m2, 13 layers. Thickness 21mm, sizes: 1250x2500mm / 620x2500mm.

PPL Plywood

coated with durablepolypropylene overlay specially designed for extreme conditions where extended lifespan and higher ware resistance needed. Throughout Birch with density 720 kg/m3, bonded with water resistant adhesive on the base of phenol-formaldehyde resin – bonding quality acc. to EN 314-2 Class 3. Wear resistance: Taber value 13 000 – 17 000 R depending on the coating (EN 483-2)


Construction industry: formwork systems, wall and ceiling formworks, scaffolds, framing. The main buyers of shuttering plywood are manufacturers of forms for concrete casting, forms for prefabricated construction materials and sett (for which we recommend the plywood with PPL face veneer)

Transport, warehouse and workshop: it is used in many means of internal or external transport, e.g. bodywork elements, trolleys, platforms, parts of workshop or garden furniture, specialised packaging.