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Sklejki suchotrwałe,
wodoodporne, antypoślizgowe
Sklejki szalunkowe,
Sklejki laserowe
Sklejki modyfikowane
Systemy szalunkowe
Frezowanie CNC
Cięcie na wymiar


Plywood made by attaching a special resin-impregnated paper (commonly referred to as the film) on deciduous plywood. The process takes place under high pressure and in high temperature, making the resin from the film to soak into the base sheet, creating a surface with new functional properties. Melamine films are usually applied onto the exterior plywood. Depending on the film used, the products are divided into phenol film plywood and melamine film plywood.

Plywood poplar with HPL in white colour


Available colors:
Thickness: 6,5-40 mm
Quality Grades: I
Format: 1250mm x 2500mm, 1220mm x 2440mm, 1220mm x 2500, available formats and their thickness depend on the type of plywood
Other: Cutting to size, milling and CNC treatment


Furnishing: furniture production, interior finishing components, lighting

Other: playground components